Germ Guardian AC 4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier for Dust Review

GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

You do know what can possibly happen if you inhaled Polluted Air, don’t you? You also know that having a dirty air can actually harm you and your family’s being.

That is why it is always our dream to have our air sanitized and clean as much as possible.

Being smart enough to think that quality air is important in your household is one way to healthiness.

We always think and look forward to the day that we don’t need to worry about the air that we breathe because we know that it is 100% clean and safe.

Today, we will try to make your dreams to turn into reality by introducing you to one of the most trusted and effective air purifiers that we have,

The GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

Product Description, Performance, and Design:

GermGuardian AC4825 is an air purifier that is created to remove air pollutants that are floating in the air. It has a capacity to remove and eliminate 99.7% of airborne microbes in your area. This air purifier has several layers of protection: Carbon Filtration, True Hepa Filtration, UV-C light.

This air purifier has 3 stages to make sure the air that comes out from it is ultimately filtered, safe and clean.

Stage 1. This is where the carbon filters take place, it eradicates foul odors that roam inside your house. It can be your stinking laundry or the wastes that your pets produce or even your smelly food that you have cooked in your kitchen.

Stage 2. True Hepa Filtration. This is one of the most effective filters wherein it promises to remove 99.97% dirt and air pollutant that is present in your area.

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The amazing thing about this stage is that it can filter smallest air particles, even up to .3 microns small. It is good because it guarantees that it can remove almost every dirt in your room. May it be pet dander, mold spores, dust mites and pollens which results in a better air quality for your family.

Stage 3. UV-C light. It effectively kills almost every airborne bacteria and air pollutants in your home to ensure the safety of your health against all possible sickness that these bacteria carry.

It also kills even the DNA of the germs and viruses such as e. Coli and other microbes to prevent spreading and reproduction inside your home and office keeping the air safeguarded and 100% sanitized every time.

It is not just beautiful inside, it is also built to fit in your home because of its classy and beautiful physical features.  This is an air purifier that you don’t need to hide and you can be proud of! It has a perfect matte black appearance that can match any theme that you have for your living room and even in your offices.

The switch button of this Beautiful air purifier for dust is strategical places on the top of the model so that when there is a need for adjustments in the fan speeds, it will be easy to operate. It also has an LED light to top it off making it super classy. Also, this is an unbelievable light in terms of weight. With its dimension of 7 x 10.2 x 21.5, it is just 10 lbs.

Buying this product can give me ease and so many benefits:

  • Amazingly whisper quiet operation
  • This air purifier can amazingly work in your home quietly and is perfectly suitable to be in your living room, office and even in your bedroom and use it.
  • Its quietness guarantees you that it will not disturb you while you and your family is sleeping.
  • It is whisper quiet that is perfect even if you have babies.
  • You can even turn this on to its highest level without creating a noise.

Super Effective

It is highly effective, and it ensures to eliminate airborne germs and eradicate the foul odor that is present in your place. Its 3-in-1 function exceedingly surpass any products for it ensures well-filtered and intensive and extensive cleaning to give safe and clean air for your family

True HEPA Filtration

This technology is used to make sure that even the smallest air particles will be captured by the purifier to ensure clean air. It is very ideal for pet hairs, pollens, pet dander, dust mites and many more.

Odor reduction operation by Carbon Filtration

It doesn’t just eradicate bacteria, with the carbon filtration, it also promises to give you the better scent of the air. Removing all the foul odor that is present in your area. This GermGuardian AC4825 is crafted to give your home a better and fresher environment for your family.

UV-C light

This ultraviolet-c light intensely kills all DNA of airborne microbes that have a possibility to be a threat to the health of your family.

High CADR Rating

It has great CADR/watt ratio that makes ENERGY STAR qualified! It met every requirement that is needed to be a good air purifier set my EPA guidelines. This also means that when you use it you don’t just have clean air but also affordable. It stands out from the other because it can clean and save money at the same time.

Before considering buying this product we must also show you some things that you should consider

Not suitable for larger rooms

With all the mention functionalities of this product, it is only highly advisable for the smaller room such as apartments and condominiums. Its capabilities are limited to smaller spaces and if you have a large home you might yet consider buying other units of GermGuardian.

Plastic-like odor

It sometimes has a plastic smell making the buyers quite bothered about it at some time

Replaceable filters

Having replaceable filters for this reduces the convenience for the users. Also, having It replaced by other filters will make the buyer spend additional fees for this considering that its filters are a bit pricey

Final Say

The GermGuardian  AC4825 is wonderfully working fine and it a good air purifier in a smaller area, having bigger space requires another product from GermGuardian.

It is perfectly working and guarantees safer air breathing for you and your family.  For a price of $90, you can achieve the best quality of air for your family. What can you ask for more?

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