Hamilton Beach 04492 True-Air Tower Ionic Air Purifier

Hamilton Beach 04492 True-Air Tower Ionic Air Purifier

Before reading this review, here is a friendly reminder from us:

No matter what country or from where you are, we breathe the same air and we share the same earth.

Bothered that eventually, the air you take in inside your home might be a threat to your family’s health?

Is there anyone from your household who is experiencing allergic reactions or has an occasional asthma attack?

Do you come here to find the perfect air purification product for your family?

It is great that you eventually realize the importance of good and quality air for your family inside your home.

Yes, maintaining a fresher and cleaner air for your family is our sole concern and we want to help you to achieve it that is why today we are promoting to you one of our favorite product, an air purifier that is perfect for your family and even in your corporate offices—The Hamilton Beach 04492 True-Air Tower Ionic Air Purifier.

Consider this review as an advice that this purifier is what you need into your home. Find out why as you scroll through this review and be amazed by its outstanding features.

Hamilton Beach 04492 True-Air Tower Ionic Air Purifier is HEPA grade permanent filter is one of the highlights of this purifier.

It is what sets it apart from air purifiers with HEPA filters included. Aside from the fact that frequent changing of filter lessens the convenience to the buyers, it is also pricey and finding replacements is hard to find.

That’s why it is innovated to this kind of technology. One better thing about this filter is its ability to eradicate and 99% eliminates every air pollutant that is roaming around your home. It is also proven effective and can remove up to 5 microns small dust particles!

It is a perfect fit for a room with a measurement of 180 sq. ft. with dimensions of 23 x 13 x 10 inches. This air purifier is also amazingly light that weighs just 12.2 pounds.

It is consuming and energy of 120-volt. It is also one of the best air purifiers to use when you are considering the about the energy consumption because aside from lower consumption, it is also 10 times more efficient than the other leading brands and companies.

Hamilton Beach

Enhancing indoor air quality begins with limiting toxin sources, for example, tobacco smoke or dirt and pet dander.We test how well a room air purifier expels tidy and smoke from an encased space, how it performs at high and low speeds, and how calm it is. And this Hamilton Beach 04492 True-Air Tower Ionic Air Purifier passes every expectation we have.

Clamour level is critical, particularly in the event that you run an air purifier in a room where you rest or work. For proficiency, we prescribe picking a bigger unit like this air purifier and run it at a lower speed, instead of wrenching up a little one.

This is the main features and highlights of Hamilton Beach 04492 True-Air Tower Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic tower air purifier is advised rooms up to 180 sq. ft. in size from Hamilton Beach True Air

It is built with plastic and metal construction and a magnetic front panel that is removable for HEPA filter cleaning Energy Star qualified

Its proven that it can remove up to 99 percent odors and harmful particles as small as .3 microns and has the highest air quality sensor.

This air purifier weighs up to 14 pounds upon shipping;

120-volt purifier offers 3 fan speeds

What are the things you need to consider before buying an air purifier?


In the event that you experience the ill effects of asthma or if your side effects are activated by smell and compound contaminations, you’ll need to consider an air purifier or an odor and chemical air purifier. These air purifiers contain included scent and synthetic filtration and in addition HEPA channels for allergen molecule evacuation.

As another choice, air purifiers are particularly intended to evacuate smoke, chimney ash, and other related exhaust that could bother existing respiratory conditions or cause unpalatable smells in your condition.

For pet sensitivity sufferers, consider HEPA air purifiers like Hamilton Beach 04492 True-Air Tower Ionic Air Purifier.

Buying this product has a lot of benefits for you.

It is portable and lightweight. You can transport it anywhere you want. Because of its slim built, you can place it in the corners without rearranging the look of your home.

It is also stylish and classy. It can suit whatever your theme is. It is also said that this purifier is one of the best buys because of its sleek design and durability.HEPA filtering features for your convenience. This is considered one of the highest powered filtering services for your homes because it does not just filter the air, it also deodorizes it for better quality results.

It is also built with 4-speed settings involving automatic. You know what makes this automatic setting a hit? It is because, in this mode, the purifier can detect when to adjust the fan speed without the buyer controlling it manually.

It is said that it is for the insurance of high maintained fresher air for anyone inside the home. The other speeds include level 1 which is the low speed for milder filtering of air it is used when the buyer is convinced that only a lighter filtering is needed.

Level 2 for medium filtering and level 3 for intensive cleaning. This speed levels equally produces promising results depending on what mode is needed in a certain area.


Other reviews say that it can really purify your air and can be silent for the first trimester of use but on the succeeding use, it started to produce small sounds and kind of bothering the users.

Though it was for some users, why not consider it too.

The only downside we see on this is that it is a bit pricey than the other brands.

But why bother with its price when you are sure that it can really give your household a relief.

Having this air purifier in your home and offices guarantees you a better breathing experience and a healthy lung. Be one of the satisfied buyers!

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