Holmes Large Room 4-Speed True HEPA Air Purifier Review

Holmes Large Room 4-Speed True HEPA Air Purifier with Quiet Operation, Black Full Review

We purify water for good health why not air?

If we don’t take purified air, there is no benefit to eating good food or water. You can clean it with anti-bacterial products, and also use an air purifier.

If you want your friends and family also take a breath in the good air if you and your family are in the house.

Even in the cleanest homes, you can’t see microparticles.

People who are suffering from Allergy and Asthma, they are always wanted to purchase these types of products.

Studies say that all purifiers aren’t so effective and sometimes it can harm.

The blowing air outside of the home is generally clear that the blowing air inside because a house contains contaminants and also pollutants. And the mold spores can be developed by the moisture that occurred.

There are forced-air cooling and heating which circulate bacteria and dust particles in the surrounding. If you have pets and you get bad smell by their dander or anyone smokes which spreads toxin in the air.

Many allergens are blown in through windows and doors also come from upholstery and carpet. You definitely need a Holmes HEPA purifier.

The average for large rooms contains more contaminants than the out of the house. It’s not too harmful to a healthy good person, but it can harm children and allergic people who can experience ill effects.

An air purifier is the one way to reduce the most of pollutants and can help to eliminate some breathe related problems.

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How this air purifier uses HEPA technology?

HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) is a technology, it uses in filters a meets the energy standards for removing particles from the air. This filter can consist of any material as long as it meets the standard like penetration of less than 0.03, microns greater than 0.3 micrometers in size. The filter allows a specific amount of air to flow through the filter, and it can vary by size.

There are many air purifiers, with good choices for most rooms in the room, but if you need to purify the air in a very large room use this purifier with a True HEPA purification process.

Things to consider before using an air purifier

You have to consider some things before buying air purifiers:

Buying the right air purifier

If you are searching for an air purifier, then you should consider the technology and the current usage scenario before purchase. You have to consider some things like area covered; filter category, and the most important clean air delivery rates.

You have to assess the area by measuring the coverage area in cubic meters. Filters that use HEPA technology are considered the standard air cleaning and filter the particulate.

CADR is the unit that counts purified clean the air in the home per hour, and lower CADR means that you can get a supply of purified air at a lower rate.

Placing the air purifier

Where you have to place the purifier to maximize its use? It is an important factor – utilize its efficiency. The air purifier should be placed in a way so that you can get clean air easily

Placing the purifier too high or too low will reduce performance, and make sure that this purifier is not to put in confined places.

Replace filter timely

The purifier’s efficacy depends on its capacity of filters, so always check the HEPA filter and don’t forget to clean up for regular and longer life. Always consider the good and well-known brand like Holmes so it becomes easier to purchase replacement filters.

Like we all know purifiers are essential for office and home because of increasing levels of in-house pollution. People who want to safeguard their health, and maintain their air purification. 

Close the door and windows

You have to close the doors and windows if the purifier is on. Pollution indicators don’t reflect a change in ambient air quality. If you want your device to be efficient and similar to an air conditioner, which needs a confined space for cooling the air.

Testing the purifier

Before buying an air purifier, it is being tested in a closed place with the polluted air. After the air purifier is turning on and tester measures from how much time it removes the smoke and dust from the air. We can do these procedures to the entire filter, too, and check all units. Reports tell that performance of the air purifier changes from brand to brand; the buyer should look from air purifiers who have timers so that anyone can set the unit on or off when there is no need.

The buyer checks if the filter has the indicator light so that you will know after indicating when to change the filter or clean the filter. Test the air purifiers who use generators with ozone release and release ozone into the air, which causes lung cancer in the future.


Slim design

It is designed like slim, and fit in small places & well in most spaces. It is space-saving.

Quite Operation

This Holmes purifier has an advanced blade, low motor setting, and has true HEPA filter technology. It is quite operational without any interruption.

Multiple Speeds

There is a knob with 4-way speed controlling. You should keep it indoors to get air fresh and pure.

Electric Filter Monitor

It has a monitor, which alerts you when it’s time to change your filter to maintain maximum performance.

Pros and Cons


  • This air purifier removes odors if anyone works at the office and they take this air purifier with them.
  • It has maximum efficiency, and well suited for a large room. It is very useful to clean the air in big spaces.
  • Not any extra cost for the air quality sensors. It is not so expensive, affordable to get.
  • Even if a person is not allergic, they still can buy this purifier for good breathing.


  • It has much capacity for any room, so as not to purchase if you have a small room or average room.
  • Overuse of this cause lung infection.

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