Holmes True HEPA 3 Speed Tower and Allergen Remover, HAP716-U Review

Holmes True HEPA 3 Speed Tower and Allergen Remover, HAP716-U Full ReviewHolmes True HEPA 3 Speed Tower and Allergen Remover, HAP716-U

We all know that many of things we do to keep energy down, like leaky windows and doors can also seal in irritants and pollutants.

If you want a deep clean breath you have to improve indoor air quality starts with minimizing pollutant sources such as smoke or dust.

Most people who buy air purifiers do so in hopes of easing allergies.

We provide a complete review and tell how well a room air purifier removes dust and smoke from an enclosed space.

Check the purifiers help to relieve respiratory symptoms.

Many people become more conscious about their health in the modern days, and they are always wanted to live a healthy life that is free from diseases.

Holmes True HEPA 3 Speed Tower and Allergen Remover, HAP716-U

How Does It Work?

Air filters make use of fine filters that sieves particles from the air surroundings. As air blows into the purifier, it uses the finer the filter and makes the tinier the particles and it catches.

HEPA catches plenty of particles which are larger than 0.3 Ms (microns), and the Microns are the particle which is not seen by the naked eye, which is viruses or bacteria.

Filters that use HEPA technology remove allergens like mold, smoke, chemicals, pollen, pet dander and asbestos, by cleaning the air which passes through the filter. The room capacity of HEPA air purifier will determine whether the air cleaner can meet your need or not!

Technology specification
This tower allergen is used for average space room, it removes 99.97 percent of airborne allergens like dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, and mold spores. It has custom speed setting and knob for that by providing optional ionizer, filter life monitor and washable pre-filter.

It measures approximately 11 by 8-1/5 by 28-2/7 inches. It has HEPA filter as well as hammer carbon filter.

It contains activated carbon/zeolite blends, which absorb chemicals and odors. Holmes true offers an optional medical grade UV light system and kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses easily. It protects people from biological and viral contamination.

The second technology is electrical attraction which is brought in to service by air purifiers to confine particles. There are three types of air purifiers, they work using electrical charge attraction:

  1. Electrets filters

Electric filters purifiers use fibers that create static charges to attract particles. They have many categories of plain, pleated and reusable. Whatever you want from the purifiers, you can change filter accordingly that.

  1. Electrostatic Precipitating

These are cleaners or air purifiers which attract particles into the purifier by the fan and do charge them with the voltage wires. There are many places that have the opposite electrical charge and attract the pollutants as they go through the purifier. People don’t want the costly filters, they can choose this type filters.

  1. –veion generators.

They use small, charged wires and create gaseous molecules with -ve charges and attract the dust and molecules. There are many ions go back into the air. Some ionic purifiers displayed as they recirculate the same contaminants that they trap and making them less effective.

There are ozone generators, which convert oxygen gas to ozone by using electrical current, which is like powerful oxidant and breaking down molecules into the air. They are less effective to remove indoor allergens.


There are many types of Holmes air purifiers and you can add more filters to that. Air filter, you can add allergen filter if you want air without any pollutants. You can add extra purifiers if you need more capacity, there are many other filters like odor filter which can spread good fragrance, performance filter improves filter performance, and smoke filter reduces smoke from surrounding air.

Choose your custom filter, by adding some important and useful filter in that.

Thing to consider

  • Operating Costs

Many portable models have too much operating cost; it increases by adding more filters in that. Depending on the usage, you have to replace your carbon filter and all. It will increase the operating cost.

  • Cleanliness

You should clean you purifier because it won’t work well with dusty and clogged filter.

  • Fan

Purifiers have a fan to suck in air for filtration. Without the fan, they run more quietly but worked poorly.

  • Servicing indicator

A dusty and clogged cleaner can’t work properly and efficiently. This feature will let you know if it needs to be cleaned or you have to change filter directly.

  • Carrying handle

You can move this from one place to another place by using this handle. It makes easy and more convenient to people.

  • Number of the speed of the fan
You can change the speed by the controller; adjust to your cleaning need- lower when you are sleeping or be working and higher when there are many people together.

Usage and Application

You can breathe easier. Purifiers reduce indoor air irritants so that you can breathe pure.

-> It bans smoking indoors.

-> It maintains your heating and cooling equipment and changes air filters regularly.

->Removes airborne particles such as smoke and dust.

-> Eliminate common odours.

-> Provide fresh and purified air.

-> Provide bacteria and virus free air surrounding.

-> Get smoky free air.

-> It has great performance, and anyone can adjust to three power setting.

-> You can control them by two control knobs.

-> You can on or off ionizer mode.

->Easy to handle and easy to clean.

Pros & Cons

  • This high-efficiency HEPA filter captures ultrafine particles.
  • It is easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to handle.
  • It can be replaced annually, and the maintenance cost is not so high.
  • You can choose your purifiers by your need and your approach cost.
  • They don’t have much weight, like 10 to 20 pounds, so you can move it from one place to another place.
  • They have a handle and stand on the table, and heavier model have wheels. They are portable.
  • Sometimes produce a large amount of Ozone and it harmful.
  • If you want more functionality, you have to purchase extra filters.


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