Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier for dust

Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier for Small Spaces, White Full Review

The better air purifiers are good at filtering dust, smoke from candles or fireplaces, and other pollutant particles.

People, who have allergy or asthma and want to breathe properly, should purchase a Holmes air purifier to remove dust and all.

Now a day people become more conscious about their health and always want a good product to buy.

Sometimes in allergy season, people get caught with allergy-like sneezing, stuffy nose, and some dust-related allergy.

It is beneficial to use air purifiers that remove dust from the surrounding and help to stop spread the allergy.

According to the room size, you can choose your air purifier. Depending on your needs you can buy the mini tower air purifier.

The pollutants which you want to remove are like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from adhesive, paints, and cleaning products and other types of gaseous contaminants.

Some portable models with carbon pre-filters filter VOCs, but for gaseous pollutants you have to search typical one, and carbon filters must be replaced often, like every 3 to 6 months.

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How it works and which particles does it remove?

This purifier uses HEPA technology, and it filters a tangled fiber. Let’s see How the HEPA works?  The sheet is folded into pleats to increase the filter life and the surface area, too.

Air flows through the fibers and gets trapped by large particles when they hit fibbers. Depend on size, HEPA can filter pollutants.HEPA works well and effectively to remove pet dander, dust motes and pollen, other particulates can be caught but you have to change the filter. Particles are like:


It is much like VOCs, and it is too small to remove from the air. HEPA based products help to reduce these from the air. Some viruses are so strong, so it is hard to reduce from the air.


VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemicals, coming from off-gassing of building materials or products in our house.

It is also coming from cleaning products aside from other sources like beauty products. VOCs are associated with health; it is the most concern fact.

HEPA technology is unable to remove VOC’s but it simply converts in a smaller size and then trapped by the filter.


Bacteria are large to remove, and it is hard to trap. They release end toxins into the air stream when they are dying on the surface. End toxins cause inflammatory and atopic responses in asthmatic and no asthmatics.


HEPA filters caught mold but they large enough, and it stays alive on the filter surface. Particles fill the filter start acting as nutrients and allow mold spores to grow and filter membrane eventually new spores into the air. You have to change the filter after use, because it collects pathogens and live organisms, and eventually it re-released into the air.

Use and Application

There are many applications of air purifiers, but you can focus on it.

Ultra-fine particle filtration

Many particles of airborne are smaller than 0.1 microns. Many purifiers are tested by the filtration of particles down to 0.1 microns.

The study tells that ultra-fine size particle which is airborne particles, are most harmful to a person’s health. They can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Gas and Chemical filtration

Most of the purifiers don’t contain any type of effective gas or chemical filtration system; they are being able to remove household odors from the air.

The most valuable reason to purchase is to remove odor from the house.

Purifiers are not tested by gas or chemical filtration, this type of technology lowers the airflow. Air purifiers who contain this gas and chemical filtration are graded at lower performance.

Precaution to maintain clean air

There are many precautions to take care to clean the air:

  1. You have to take care of pets, and keep them out of the bedroom.
  2. Vacuum your house often.
  3. Minimize the use of candles, wood-burning fires, and air fresheners.
  4. Open windows and doors, whenever it is possible.
  5. Smoke outside from home; don’t do in your home.
  6. Remove the dust mites in the fibers, for that remove dust from furnishing carpeting.
  7. Do use the mite-proof and covered mattress.
  8. Cut down Vacuum and dust from the room and remove pollutants by using air purifiers, if you can’t do by the naked eye.
  9. Wash your clothes with the warm water possible.
  10. For the sensitive allergens, you have to use cleaned mattress and pillow covers.
  11. Use the exhaust fan for the bathroom as well as, kitchen and laundry room, and make sure that they are venting which can pass through the air in the house. It can help eject excessive moisture, gases, and odor from the house. It can prevent allergens and mold.
  12. Don’t store chemicals, solvents, and pesticides in your home.
  13. Test the home for gas which can harm and cause cancer.
  14. Maintain heating equipment, wood stoves, chimney, and fireplace by placing the carbon monoxide installers that detect CO in your home.
  15. Don’t run fuel-burning equipment which nearer to your home, and avoid placing and lighting a grill inside your home.
  16. If you don’t live near a major source of pollution, you can change air quality by air freshener. Trap pollutants and concentrate contaminants.

Pros & cons


  • Not so much expensive, and get a good breathe air by using this purifier.
  • Help to remove microparticles which are harmful
  • Easy to purchase and easy to move
  • Remove humidity and make the air fresh
  • It is used for a small room so it is very effective for average room
  • It neutralizes the smoke
  • It keeps lungs healthy
  • It is easy to handle and fit everywhere
  • It removes unpleasant odors


  • Sometimes it produces more ozone, and it affects on lungs.
  • You have to change the filter after some duration.
  • You only use in the closed area like home, office. So if you go outside there is no benefit.

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