Review: z AC4100 3-in-1 Air Purifier with Hepa Filter

GermGuardian AC4100 3-in-1 Air Purifier with Hepa Filter 

We always consider and aim for the better. We always want the best and the highest quality of our family’s health.

We don’t want to put at risk the health of our household, so we are doing our best to protect our family.

If you’re a parent and you are reading this review,

I am sure that you are also aiming for a better quality of the environment for your family and that you are bothered that if they do intake some microbes in your home, chances of them being sick is high.

We don’t want your family to get sick that is why we give you an ultimate solution to your problem!

An air purifier that will clean and refresh your surroundings, the GermGuardian AC4100 3-in-1 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter.

Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier for Home, Office, Bedrooms, Desk, Filters Allergies, Pollen, Smoke, Dust, Pet Dander, UV-C Sanitizer Eliminates Germs, Mold, Odors, Quiet 3-in-1 AC4100Buy on Amazon

Product Description:

This GermGuardian AC4100 3-in-1 Air Purifier has the power of UV-C light that fiercely kill all the germs that can cause a threat to your family’s health.

It has a HEPA fresh filters that can suck up to 99.97% of airborne molecules to provide fresher air in your room that can be up to 200 sq. Ft. With its carbon air filters, it also has the power to remove the odor from your home.


It has 3 filtration process Carbon Filters, HEPA Filters, and UV-C light.

Carbon filtration or charcoal/photocatalytic filter is the first process which removes all foul odors caused by the stinking kitchen, smelly laundries, pet wastes, garbage and more. It effectively removes all the bad odor and magically turns your home environment into something fresher.

Next is Hepa filtration, though as you can see that is not written capitally for the reason that it is not Certified HEPA filter, it still manages to claim that it can capture the smallest airborne molecule in the surroundings of your home such like mold spores, dust, pollens, pet hairs and more.

The last stage is where the UV-C light takes place, it is a sanitizer in the air that effectively eradicates 99.7% of airborne particles bacteria and germs including viruses that is a threat to your family’s health. It does not just kill the germs and viruses, it also destroys the DNA of these pests so that the production of such kinds will be stopped.This air purifier requires a change of Hepa filter every 6-8 months or twice a year for better quality of air produce.

GermGuardian AC4100 has 3-speed controls for your filtration choice. First, low speed it runs effectively quiet and peaceful. Second, normal mode a bit faster but not louder and the Fast speed, it is not whispered quietly because it produces very minimal sound, but it is considered good because of its ability to purify your surroundings.


This is perfectly built on the classic design that really stands out. It comes with the plastic case with a round switch in front that enables you to change the fan speeds. It only offers one design which is the black model. It does not have a complicated design but just a simple design that is very suitable for any types of home and office.

It is small and lightweight and you can just put it on the table in your living room or even on your bedside table. It has a dimension of 7.5 x 6.5 x 11 inches and is just 4.85 lbs.

It does not have to come with any rollers or handles, because of its portability you can just take it to anywhere you want to place this air purifier. Another amazing feature on its design is that it comes with a 6 ft. The long cord that makes you use it anywhere even it is not close to the plugs.

Pros about buying GermGuardian AC4100 3-in-1 Air Purifier

  • Perfect fit
  • This is perfect for rooms up to 200 sq. ft. It is portable, and you can place it anywhere you want!
  • UV-C Light

Unlike any purifiers, GermGuardian offers this type of sanitization to improve the quality of air for your family. It does help for you to achieve a healthier environment because it kills 99.97% of microbes and their DNAs to prevent them from spreading inside your home. It is a guarantee for safety and good health for your family.

Speed Fans

It allows you to choose between levels 1-3 speed to whatever cleaning you need inside your home. It comes from low setting to high-speed setting that significantly changes the air quality.

HEPA Filter

It can clean and suck up to .7 microns small and can clean 99.9% of the germs and microbes that float around in the air. HEPA Filters is also perfect for the people who are suffering from asthma and some respiratory disease.

It is recommended by the doctors and the American Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology.

Removes odors

It does not just clean your air; it also removes bad odors that are roaming around your home. You would not want to have the smell of your food to be stocked inside your home, didn’t you?

This air filter successfully removes the foul odors caused by smokes, garbage and some stinking laundries that are inside your house.

Whisper Quiet Operation

This is an amazing air purifier because you can use it anywhere and anytime without making loud noises! You can even use it at night to ensure the quality of the air and it won’t even disturb you because it produces no noise.

There are only a few cons to consider before buying this product.

Not Energy Star Qualified

It is not yet Energy star certified. It is not yet checked if it met the standards of EPA for better assurance and quality of air purification.

Not perfect for bigger rooms

It is not so suitable for a larger room. If you have a bigger area, try to consider some products of GermGuardian.


Because of its short warranty – 1year, many are doubtful if this is durable or not. So, they are considered buying some products that with a longer warranty

Final Say

Despite all of this, it is still rated as one of the most highly efficient air purifiers that is best in every home. With its 3-in-1 feature, you can guarantee a safer air for the family. It is portable and easy to use. You can just put it on the top of your table, plug it in and it will do its job.If you have more questions to ask, feel free to check out this link:

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